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The 2020 CAA International Cocoa Conference will bring together over 500 of the world’s leading players in Cocoa & Chocolate to Singapore, for a powerful 2-day event of discussions, networking and deal-making, ending with a spectacular Gala Dinner.

In 2017 our Conference theme was “Making Asian Cocoa Great Again”, and since then Asia’s growing affluence and changing lifestyle has boosted consumption of cocoa products, raising demand year on year. Asia’s cocoa processors are now heading for their busiest year on record, with a target of 1 million tonnes, 25% of the global grind.

In contrast to this boom in demand, production of Asian cocoa beans has dwindled further – giving the outlook for both sustainability and fundamental supply a particularly high importance.

Join us and participate as renowned experts, present and debate in a series of interactive panel discussions on key topics ranging from the Macroeconomic Outlook for Asia and the World, through Asian Cocoa Supply, Demand and Sustainability, and the Marketing and innovation Trends that will underpin growth for the future.

Macroeconomics outlook for Asia and the World

Marketing and innovation Trends for Cocoa and Chocolate

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Click here to learn more about the Cocoa Conference