17th April 2019

Dear Members,

The Cocoa Association of Asia held its Annual General Meeting today in Singapore and it turned out to be quite an exciting day for us. Aside from announcing yet another record Q1 CAA Grind result we also reviewed all of the exciting projects that we have in the works for the rest of 2019 and finished the day with our annual CAA Cocktail Party!

The cocoa market in Asia has never been more exciting and CAA is right in the middle of all the action. Today we announced another very strong CAA Grind result, with Q1:2019 showing an increase of 9.5% over the same quarter a year ago. Demand in the region remains robust for cocoa ingredients with all segments in our diverse market growing steadily.

Whether you look at chocolate confectionery or bakery or drinks applications, there are new products hitting the store shelves or showing up in cafes all over the region. Curious, and increasingly wealthy, customers are quick to try all these new products, eager to spot the newest trend and share photos on social media of their most recent fabulous dessert.

What is particularly exciting for The Cocoa Association of Asia is that our member organizations are at the heart of all this growth, helping to supply the cocoa beans, the cocoa ingredients and make the chocolate to meet the customers’needs. CAA is on a mission to become as dynamic as the markets we are serving and therefore we have a full slate of new initiatives getting ready to roll out in the coming months.

The CAA Cocoa Academy is one such initiative. CAA is collaborating with Singapore Management University (SMU) to develop the most comprehensive Intro to Cocoa course ever offered in Asia. We are putting the finishing touches on the curriculum and will soon open up registration to all Members and non-Members for the September course.

And although it might sound a bit early to start getting excited about, we want to announce that the 2nd CAA International Cocoa Conference & Dinner has already been confirmed for March 2020! It will be hard to top the great Conference that we hosted back in 2017 but the organizing team is already hard at work to make sure we have another success.

So lots of exciting news in the Asian cocoa markets and lots of exciting events on the horizon for CAA. 2019 is quickly shaping up to be our greatest year ever. If you want to get in on the action please send us an email and we can explain all the great reasons for becoming a CAA Regular Member or Associate Member.

Richard Fahey