Featured Member: Fuji Oil Group


Fuji Oil Group is manufacture of plant-based food solutions in the field of oil & fat and industrial use chocolate, emulsified and fermented ingredients including cream, margarine and cheese-flavor ingredients and soy-based ingredients.

Our head office is in Osaka, Japan and we deliver delicious and healthy foods to customers around the world based on the idea of plant-based food solutions. Fuji Oil Asia established in 2012 as the regional headquarters of Fuji Oil Group for Asia and we have built network of business locations in Asia. With strong network in Asia, we can contribute in development of delicious and healthy food for all customers.

We are a business to business company for chocolate business and we have a diverse assortment of chocolate to meet all needs.

It encompasses couverture chocolate made from the world’s choicest cocoa beans, chocolate for ice-coating, chocolate chips and stick chocolate for confectionery and bakery items that keep their shape even after baking, and baking chocolate that can be baked as is. In Asian and Oceania region, we are producing chocolate around six countries.

Fuji Oil Asia funded Asia R&D center on 2015 with key activities in products and application development in Asia and we are providing delicious chocolate to customers in Asia.