Lemarc Agromond is a global supply chain manager, engaged in value added merchandizing and processing, Logistics and Financial Services with a focus on emerging markets and rural development.

Lemarc Agromond believes in being a centre point of efficiency, a vehicle and platform for strategic partnerships between the various related sectors in the industry.

With a presence in over 15 countries across the globe and a diverse yet specialised team with over 130 employees, Lemarc Agromond is a world player. With an ever expanding business on the back of strong risk management systems, the group is strategically positioned to contribute to, and benefit from, the rapid expansion of global trade.

Cocoa Business

Lemarc Agromond started trading cocoa in August 2018 and is an FCC voting member and Ghana CMC accredited buyer. The team is currently based in Singapore and Geneva as well as origin offices and warehouses in Nigeria and Cameroon, with plans to increase the origination footprint in Ghana via the LBC model, Ivory Coast, Ecuador, PNG and other emerging origins in Asia.  

In Nigeria, we are developing what we like to call a “Nigeria+” beans line. This comprises of cleaned parcels, cherry picked from regions within the cocoa belt, with maximum and consistent fat content offered in bespoke sack sizes, designed to go directly into the first stage of cocoa processing.

LMA Nigeria Warehouse – Strategically located on the main highway connecting farm to port

The cocoa division is looking to grow organically, same as the rest of the group has done, being a stable and trustworthy partner to its suppliers and clients.

From 2020, we are looking to expand our offerings in terms of origins, semi-finished goods as well as providing more traceability throughout our supply chain. In the medium term, we are also aspiring and planning towards participating further downstream, with the aim of having our own branded line of chocolate products on the shelf.