Olam Cocoa at a glance:

  • #1 originator of cocoa beans and a leading processor of cocoa ingredients
  • 650,000 cocoa farmers in global sourcing network
  • 228,000+ cocoa farmers in sustainability programmes worldwide
  • 11 cocoa processing facilities
  • 7 cocoa innovation centres
  • 7 cocoa and chocolate ingredient brands (deZaan, Macao, Joanes, Britannia, Unicao and Huysman, BT Cocoa)

A leading originator of cocoa beans, a globally leading cocoa processor, and the world’s foremost focused supplier of cocoa beans and cocoa ingredients (cocoa powders, cocoa butters and cocoa masses), Olam Cocoa is a fully integrated cocoa business.

We source cocoa beans from all major origins across Africa, Asia and South America from a network of 650,000 cocoa farmers. Our portfolio of ingredient brands is led by deZaan, with its heritage of more than 100 years of excellence, as well as African origin brand Unicao, South American origin brand Joanes, the Macao and Husyman regional cocoa powder brands, BT Cocoa in Indonesia, and the Britannia confectionery and speciality fats brand. We have a global cocoa bean grind capacity in excess of 820,000 metric tonnes, and a refining and milling presence of over 80,000 metric tonnes in, or adjacent to, primary consumption markets in Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

Olam Cocoa is one of the largest cocoa processors in Asia. Our Singapore factory produces deZaan cocoa powders, butters and masses. In 2019, we acquired Indonesia’s largest cocoa processor, BT Cocoa, in order to capitalise on Asia’s trajectory to become the largest global consumer of cocoa powder. The factory has a total installed cocoa bean grind and cocoa mass capacity of 150,000 metric tonnes and a facility equipped with the latest processing technology. BT Cocoa produces ingredients for the domestic Indonesian market that complement our existing portfolio and allow us to support the regional needs of leading chocolate and confectionery manufacturer customers through the production of our Huysman cocoa powders.

Innovation and creativity are the driving forces behind each new cocoa ingredient we bring to market. Complimented by five other Cocoa Innovation Centres (CIC) across the world, our Asian CIC in Singapore and Indonesia develop tailor-made cocoa ingredient solutions for chocolate, confectionery, dairy, biscuit and bakery, beverage, ice cream and dessert applications supported by comprehensive quality testing and precision processing.

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of sustainable cocoa, Olam Cocoa is accelerating progress towards the goal of 100% traceable cocoa volumes from our global, direct origination supply chain by 2020. Within the Asia region, we have already paid USD$20 million in premiums to cocoa farmers and distributed 5 million cocoa tree seedlings since establishing our first ever cocoa sustainability programme in Indonesia in 2004. Today, we support 65,500 Indonesian cocoa farmers across 6 provinces to improve their livelihoods and supply resources for the best cocoa growing techniques based on leading plant science research and development. We also own one of the largest cocoa plantations in Indonesia, located on Seram Island.