Featured Member: PTL


­PTL specialises in designing and manufacturing innovative chocolate and bar machinery for the world’s multinationals and largest co-manufacturers – and we have been doing so since 1988.

Latest innovation – PTL Melter V20

The latest innovation from PTL has been developed in response to the increasing SKU pressure on the chocolate industry. We have seen a continuous increase in the number of SKU’s being produced, which led PTL to develop the Melter V20.

  • The V20 is the latest PTL Melter and has been designed specifically to melt multiple coatings whilst maximising production uptime.
  • The V20 is portable, self-contained and all product contact areas can be removed or accessed for cleaning.

This means changeovers are fast, simplified and can be done to an allergen standard.

Customer success story – Trufoods Mfg USA.

PTL’s machinery supply:

Bar Machinery.
For the production of granola, muesli, nut, protein and candy bars. Our product range includes forming, cooling, cutting and enrobing.

Chocolate Machinery.
For a variety of chocolate-processing functions, including melting, tempering, enrobing, depositing, moulding and cooling.

PTL has worked extensively with multinationals, large privately-owned companies and large co-manufacturers. We invite our customers to be part of the process, meaning our expertise is matched with your expertise and requirements.
Our industry is moving fast, and we are well positioned to keep your manufacturing process ahead of the game.