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StoneX Financial Pte. Ltd.
The Asia Commodities Team within StoneX Financial Pte. Ltd. has decades of experience serving the needs of the cocoa industry in Asia. We draw on our extensive market access, our deep expertise and the global resources of our parent company, StoneX Group Inc (NASDAQ:SNEX) to help companies across the entire supply chain – from producers to importers/exporters to processors and international food companies – protect their profit margins from volatile prices in cocoa and other commodities central to their businesses.

The Importance of Price-Risk Management
Swings in the prices of cocoa and other commodities – including foreign currencies – can determine whether a business earns a profit or suffers a loss. Higher commodity prices can make it more expensive to produce goods or move them from place to place, while lower prices can reduce the value of an end product or lead to a glut in the marketplace. These fluctuations in prices can make it difficult to set and meet budgets, achieve desired margins on products and plan strategically over the long term.

Market Access to Manage Price Risk
We specialize in helping businesses of all types use the financial markets to manage their risk and pursue opportunities. That starts with competitive and efficient trade execution and clearing for futures and options on all major commodity exchanges globally. We also provide over-the-counter (OTC) solutions that we can tailor specifically to align with our customers’ risk and objectives. Finally, we can assist with cash brokerage and merchandising.

A customer-centric approach
For those who prefer high-touch service, we work hand-in-hand with customers to create highly tailored price-risk management programs that help them protect their margins, manage volatility, and benefit their bottom lines.

Operating revenues: $1,106.1 million

  • Net income: $85.1 million
  • Total assets: $9.9 billion
  • Stockholder’s equity: $594.2 million

30,000+ accounts

  • More than 2,700 employees
  • Manage business in more than 130 countries
  • 129 million exchange contracts traded
  • 1.8 million OTC contracts traded
  • Deals in approximately 140 currencies

For more information about StoneX, visit https://www.stonex.com